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This page is the page which will be displayed as a result of the searches performed through Search Widget. In this section, you can determine where a map or a header will be displayed on the upper area of this page. When the map is selected, you can perform required settings in accordance with the descriptions below.

  1. The element that you would like to be displayed on the upper area.
  2. Map height
  3. Zoom value of the map for the desktop computers and zoom value of the map for tablets and mobile devices.
  4. When it is enabled, it automatically adjusts the points in the geolocation area into the map. Please do not use this feature together with Autofit feature under Geolocation section.
  5. Map type selection
  6. Business Points selection.
  7. Street View selection
  8. You can add map styles from this section. Please see Tutorials > How to change style of map?
  9. Visible Area AJAX Load: When this feature is enabled, the points which will be loaded as a result of the search will be limited to the part of the map to be displayed. As the zoom value changes or the displayed area changes, other points are loaded. In this way, a search result which has too many points may be cut into sections. We recommend you to enable this feature only for the systems which have too many points. We recommend you not to use Autofit Points After Search feature together with this feature.
  10. Load as the map’s visual area changes.
  11. Load as the map’s zoom area changes.