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Search Fields allow you to make a search in the Taxonomies & Custom Fields which are added by you. Both WordPress PF Widget Search and PF Map Search are configured in this section.

PointFinder Search Fields consist of two sections. The first section is the section where we define these fields. And the second section is the section where we edit the configurations of each field.


Please review the help topics below to add a new field and to edit it.
After completing the editing process, we recommend you to take a backup by Exporting the settings using Import/Export section.

How to create Fields

After selecting System Setup > Search Fields by opening Options Panel from WordPress Admin Panel > PF Settings section, you can edit an existing field, delete any existing fields or add a new field by clicking on Add New Field button in the new page. You should only click on Delete Field button on the detail window of the previously added fields to delete them.

After completing field adding or deleting process by clicking on Save Changes button, you can change the order or create an order for the fields that you wish.

While adding new fields, you will be required to fill in various sections which are Field Title, Slug and Type. Please fill in these sections in accordance with the information below.

  • Field Title : The title of this field. You can use “space and A-Z a-z 0-9”. Do not use Field word in this section
  • Slug : The “Slug” is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens. (No Spaces) This key is unique. If you change the key name, data which is related to the key will be lost.
    Do not use space,dot,comma and other chars. only numbers and words acceptable.
  • Type : Type of this field.



  • Please configure this sections before you use theme. If you change configuration after using theme, data which is related to this sections will be lost.
  • You can define custom fields as much as you wish.
  • If you change sort of fields, sort of that field will be affected in whole system.
After completing field adding process, please finalize the configuration by performing the settings of the field added by you in accordance with the explanation below.

How to manage Field Options?

To access panel, please open Search Fields Config from WordPress Admin Panel > PF Settings. If you click on Search Fields link in the next page, you will be able to display editing sections of the fields added by you in the menu on the left. By clicking on the section of the field that you would like to edit, perform editing process in line with the information below.

Editing Field details varies from one field to another. You can find the meaning of configuration criteria for each field in the sections below.