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Point Finder Quick Setup allows you to perform your theme’s first configuration quickly without dealing with installation procedures. In less than a minute, you can configure your theme similar to our demo website or as blank one.

For the setup process which you will be watching soon, the detailed descriptions of the the options are as follows;

What is included in Demo Content?

Taxonomies, demo pages, demo posts, demo items, templatera examples, menus & widgets.

Quick Setup & Introduction:

  • Default without Demo Content : When you setup with this option, it configures your theme with the colors we use in Real Estate demo and no demo content shall be installed. It will also configure the first settings of Templatera Templates and Optionals Panel under PF Settings. You can use this as a manual setup
  • Default with Demo Content : When you setup with this option, demo content is installed but Custom Fields and Search Fields are not configured as in the previous option. This is the recommended setup option
  • Real Estate, Directory, Cardealer with Demo Content : These options are installed by configuring your system as in our preview website, and allows you to have the same website with our demo website.

Please watch the setup video below for detailed information.

If you will use Frontend Upload system;

  1. Dasboard Page Setup: If this setting wasn’t configured or if installation wasn’t made with quick set up, please select this page from Options Panel > Frontend Upload System section after creating an empty page.
  2. You should configure Options Panel > Frontend Upload System section and all its components (Paypal Setup, Social Login etc…) accordingly.
  3. You should edit Email Settings section located in Mail System Config according to your own server.
  4. You should edit e-mails which are sent to user and yourself from Mail System Config section.
  5. If you are going to use Google reCaptcha, you must carry out any required configuration from reCaptcha Config section.

Processes After Setup – IMPORTANT

  • You should configure your Permalink settings as Post name from Settings > Permalinks section.
  • You should edit Custom Detail Fields and Search Fields which is found under PF Settings > Options Panel > System Setup to your own preference. Also you can find a video Tutorial in here
  • If you are going to use a review system, you should do necessary configuration from “Review System Config” section.
  • You should edit Taxonomy, posts, page, categories sections to your own preference by using Options Panel > System Settings > Post Type Settings
  • You should configure your Point Styles by using this tutorial. Custom Point Style configuration is important!
  • If you are going to use Frontend Upload System please check Options Panel > Frontend Upload Form section for configuration.
  • You can find all Listing Type Settings under listing type edit page.
  • Lastly, you should review our help documentation topics 🙂