How to configure GoDaddy Email Settings?

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Please follow below guide for setup PF Settings > Email Config Panel > Email Settings section by using GoDaddy SMTP Settings;
IMPORTANT: Please follow below steps and configure your settings then wait 24 hours for propagate.

Step 1

Go to and login your account. Then create a Work Space Email on US Region and click to Manage All link for create mail users

Step 2

Create a user with free 250 smtp relays on Workspace Control Center 
After this process you will see a red warning message for correct mx settings. Please click to that message and click to change mx settings. Then Godaddy will change your mx settings for use Workspace Email. This operation will take 24 hours. Please wait 24 hours after change it.

Step 3

Click to Email Setup Center link for control your settings and smtp settings after 24 hours.

Step 4

You will find your smtpout information and relay limit with Valid mark. You can use outgoing server (SMTP) url on your panel for setup email with 80 port.

Step 5

Go to your cPanel and edit MX Entry section like below image.
1-) Add 2 MX entry like below image and remove all others.
2-) Click to Remote Mail Exchanger and click to Change

Step 6

Add these settings to the WP Mail SMTP plugin settings page.