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If you are encountering any problems while installing theme with WordPress Theme Upload System, you can install it this way. FTP installation is an alternative method.


Make sure your FTP client is transferring files in binary mode. Otherwise you can get blank screen error or you can get error like below

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<<' (T_SL) in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/pointfinder/admin/includes/vcextend/customshortcodes/pf-grid-shortcodes.php on line 1

You can setup Point Finder theme with FTP installation system by following the steps below. Before starting the setup process, prepare the theme folder that you will install.

If you downloaded Point Finder theme by clicking on “All files & documentation” link, extract the zip file that you downloaded and use the files inside pointfinder folder for setup. If you downloaded it by clicking on “Installable WordPress Only” link, extract this zip file and use pointfinder folder for installation.


  1. Connect to FTP with any FTP Client software.
  2. Open wp-content > themes folder from the location where WordPress is installed.
  3. Upload pointfinder folder which you prepared before into this folder (If you hosting supports it, you can also do this by uploading pointfinder.zip file and extracting it)
  4. After upload process is completed, activate Point Finder from Appearance > Themes section in WordPress Admin Panel.
  5. You can continue the process with Quick Setup which is run automatically or you can do Manual Setup process
  6. After activating theme, you will see a notification above that says “activate the required & recommended plugins”. This message will be visible until plugin setup is completed. You can find information about how to install them in the next step.